My acute back pain went away with one treatment. She has helped my mother too. Amazing!     ~      Jeanette Hope, M.D.

I don't know how anybody with teenagers can get along without BEST.   ~   Katie Micky, Owner Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute.

My vertigo was really bad. It went away with 5 treatments. My back is better and the negative voices in my head have gotten better too.      ~       Dr. Becky DMV

The coin size spots they found on my lung with X-ray went away in 3 weeks just as Cynthia had said.    ~       Maria                          

The nodules or tumors on my thyroid went away in 6 months.  The body can heal itself!  I am so grateful to Cynthia.  ~     Latisha                         

My “terminal” bone cancer went into remission with Cynthia’s help. ~  Claire

I am all turned on and juicy! My creative juices are flowing. My back feels better, my head is clear, I have so much energy and have accomplished so much. I am turned on with my life, how cool is that! ~ Gabrella V.

I came to see Cynthia because my wife called the police on me for domestic violence. I was angry all the time. Now after 3 months of treatment nothing bothers me, I’m happy and my wife and I have fallen in love with each other again. My back stopped hurting, and the blood test from my doctor showed my cholesterol dropped to normal, my blood sugar was no longer diabetic, and my liver enzymes dropped to normal. My blood-pressure dropped to normal too. I feel great! ~ Fred

I no longer worry so much. My cyst went away, my back doesn’t hurt, my pap smear changed to normal. My doctor had never seen someones cholesterol drop so much. ~ Fran

I am imprinted with the holy energy I felt when I walked into your office...Wow. ~ Katrina 

 I've been to therapy all my life, over twenty years, and I've always been depressed and angry.  Nobody would talk to me.  Now it feels so great I'm not angry.  People just come up and talk to me now.  It's like I'm a new me. ~  Kris

I couldn’t believe it I actually skipped I felt so great, despite my severe degenerating arthritis. ~ Helen

I got more out of 3 months with Cynthia both spiritually, emotionally and physically than 3 years in therapy and my horrible back pain is gone too. ~  Antonio

Immediately after treatment
Just before treatment
My 4 year old drew three similar pictures of his dad’s house showing all blue stairs, saying there was “no room for me.” After Cynthia’s treatment, he drew the blue stairs only in the far left two inches and then drew a rainbow picture of himself . He was cheerful and said “there’s room for me now!” Cynthia helped both of us with a difficult divorce.  ~  Cathy

One of the benefits of me BEST treatments is the disappearance of a visible hand tremor and muscle tightness in my legs which severely affected my gait since 1987 as a complication of a head injury. This isn’t logical which makes it all the more impressive. ~ Mary

“Cynthia has very beautiful, clear energy. She is a bright light. I could definitely feel changes after my sessions with her; the first time it was pretty uncomfortable, as old stuck stuff was moving out....but after the 2nd and 3rd sessions, I felt VERY light and clear; very balanced, actually.   ~   Katrina

I don't know WHAT you balanced, but I felt clear headed and normal for the first time in ages I didn't realize how 'good' I could feel until I actually did. I'm just USED TO functioning with whatever imbalance I'm carrying around. Was it hormones? Brain chemicals? I just came home and tidied my house and yard and felt so calm....weird, huh? ~ Sonya 

My son was diagnosed with ADHD, struggling in special-ed math, and could hardly write. I was being pushed to put him on Ritalin. After BEST treatments with Cynthia he is getting A’s in school, including Algebra, and Shakespeare, writes, and comes home and usually does his homework without my even asking. Yea!!! No medication needed!!!!!! I am so grateful.  ~   Louise

Cynthia helped my through a very difficult period in my life where I was fatigued exhausted and depleted. I am now full of energy and feeling great.  ~ Casey

After the recent tragic death of a special person in my life triggering child abuse issues, my employer recommended a stress leave. In the past I’d sought help from talk therapists, experiential workshops, yoga retreats, somatic experiencing, reiki, past life, polarity therapy, rolfers, and cranial sacral therapists, as well as astrologers, acupuncturists and various other healers. After my first session, I knew I'd found the rock that would change my life. I felt lighter. Calmer. Happier. I laughed a rich, joyful chuckle for the first time in months! My spirit was lifted and I was able to go back to my stressful work situation and cope with a new sense of peace. I'm happier and healthier than I've ever been in my life. I highly recommend Cynthia's work to anyone who has emotional, physical, or spiritual challenges. ~  Rickie

Despite the fact I don't know if my son is going to live or die due to his drug addiction, after a month of my treatments, I now have an amazing calm sense of peace. I know that I can go on and find joy no matter what happens.~ Kay

I had diagnosed multiple personality disorder. Cynthia actually saved my life with her distance work. I can hardly believe it, but now I am inter-graded. ~   Dianne
I used to worry and be depressed.  Now things just don’t bother me. ~ Lottie, age 83

After a treatment by Cynthia, I can hit high C.     Gabrella V. SYV Coral Choir