Peace Technique

The Peace Technique are powerful energy medicine that you can easily use to dissolve negative emotions that are affecting you. Negative emotions and our busy brain are not who we really are.  The true you is peaceful, loving, and centered. Negative emotions like anger, worry, and fear we move quickly through when we dissolve the negative energy attached to it.  

Often emotions that we feel are not even ours, but are the emotions of others that become attached to us. Negative energy is more contagious than the common cold.  We all know that when we are around certain people they bring us down. We call them energy vampires, but actually they are not draining our energy but dumping their energy onto us.  We all have experienced when someone yells at us, we feel angry long after, even if it is not our issue.  If someone has violated you, or is obsessed with you with jealousy, worry, or longing, patterns of negative energy are continually sent to you, making it difficult to heal and often have physical disease as a consequence.  

The Peace technique vibrational medicine similar to highly complex Reiki symbol. It is easy to use, and becomes automatic after several weeks of practice.  It is like energetic hand washing.  You wash your hands automatically after using the bathroom, but you really focus and scrub after picking up after your dog.

The Peace technique develops boundaries so you are much less likely to be affected by the negative energy of others. 

The Peace technique is easily learned in your first healing session. Since its addition to my work I have seen dramatic decrease in healing time with my clients and they are seeing me much less often. One session is life changing and may be all that one needs. Clients usually remain balanced with good energy flow.  Their baseline is no longer in the flight or flight (sympathetic dominance) stress response, but in rest, digest, heal (parasympathetic dominance) physiology