As a Nurse working Hospice for many years, I witnessed many individuals who has tremendous difficulty letting go of life.  Some had incredible pain unrelieved by any amount of pain killer, wanting to die, but not knowing how.  Others would die peacefully, with little or no medication.  The graceful exit was not so much related to their disease, but to the subconscious resolution of their life.  As death approached, large shifts are achieved in a short period of time, as this life's lessons are brought to a conclusion.  Body Spirit Peace treatments reduce pain and create a peaceful death.

For the family, watching the  dying process is often more difficult for them than for the one who is dying, especially for the caregivers.  Helplessly watching as your loved one wastes away along with the physical burden of care-giving is one of the most challenging of life's experiences.  Caring for the caregiver is vital to preserve their health and well being.  By moving through unresolved issues, balancing the energy, reducing stress Body-Spirit-Peace will create peace for the whole family.

In a family hospice session, I will come into your home, treat your family, and bring healing to a difficult situation.   One does not need to be conscious for profound results
Body Spirit Peace
Creating peace during difficult times.