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Body Spirit Peace and Children

Body Spirit Peace works well with kids. I work on the child or infant directly and I also through their parent. Teenagers respond well because they don’t have to talk about their issues, we just treat and dissolve them. They have less stress, feel better, are easier to get along with, get better grades and athletic performance improves.

Here is an example of a drawing from a four year old that I was treating through his mother due to his parent’s divorce. I had him draw his father’s house. He was whiny saying that there was no room in his dad’s house for him and there were too many stairs. He drew the same picture three times filling the entire paper with stairs (blue lines). The yellow was him.

Immediately after the treatment, smiling, he drew another drawing, putting the stairs (blue and green lines) on the bottom two inches, and the colored lines were him.

Change your thinking and change your life!
With Body Spirit Peace  you can do it!

False beliefs, negative thinking, indecision, worry and stress change the way the body functions and severely impacts health.

Positive thinking greatly affects our health and is important to our healing. Thoughts are things. Every thought we think and everything we say has either a negative or positive effect on our health through the chemicals released in our body. One negative thought can release up to 40 physiologically destructive chemical. But why can’t we seem to control our thoughts? Our subconscious, 95 percent of our brain which we don’t have access to, is filled with untrue beliefs that run our lives. Beliefs that we cannot heal, that we are not worthy, or that we cannot attain success and our goals, block our healing. Have you ever wonder why the concepts of the movie “The Secret,” positive thinking or affirmations don’t work for you? If your subconscious doesn’t believe what you’re saying due to untrue subliminal beliefs, the negative affirmation registers louder than any positive thinking. The negative then gets further entrenched and the affirmation has the opposite effect. By removing untrue belief and stored emotional pattern, we then believe the affirmations and amazing life changes happen. Our affirmations work. When you believe in your mind and body that you can heal, and that you are “worthy of God’s love, perfect health, happiness, success, and abundance,” miracles happen.

Watch your words, and your thinking!

How we talk to ourselves and think is very important. As I said before, thoughts are things. With every word we send a picture to our subconscious, and there isn't picture for no or not. When we say, “Don’t forget the keys,” we see a picture of forgetting our keys, our subconscious imprints on this and we forget our keys. If we say, “Remember our keys,” we send a positive image to our brain helping us remember. When we think about what is wrong with us or others, we imprint this in our subconscious, and we get more of what is wrong. When we focus on what is right with us and others, we get more of that. Pray for what we want, not what we don’t want. Our thoughts are very powerful. Along with physiologically harmful chemicals,worrying is like praying for what we don't want, according to Ram Dass. The good news is that it takes about 6 seconds for the harmful chemicals to be released. We have 6 seconds to replace a negative thought into a positive one and imprint the positive. With the peace technique I teach you to dissolve the negative energy connected to the worry. This eliminates the anxiety causing the worry as well as helping the situation you are worrying about.

Our body today is an example of our conscious and unconscious thinking yesterday.

As we heal from a disease, it is helpful to imprint the picture of health onto our body. Every time we think of what is wrong with us, we are telling our body to do that. When we say, “My back is killing me,” what subliminal message are we telling our self? We need to give our body a picture of what we want it to do, so it can have a blueprint for healing. The most powerful time is the last thing before we drift off to sleep and the first thing in the morning, when we have the closest access to our subconscious. It is helpful to see ourselves as healthy and happy and picture situations resolved positively. Feel gratitude for what we have and the healing that is occurring, or even better, being thankful as if the healing has already occurred is the most powerful path to health and happiness. When we think of our pain, limitations, and problems, our subconscious thinks, “I can do that.” When we picture health, getting rid of our limiting beliefs with BEST, our body believes it can heal, and we do. Every cell in our body is replaced every 7 years. We tell our body through pictures and with gratitude and our diseased cells are replaced with healthy ones. Daily working on our thinking usually isn't usually necessary for healing, but dramatically increases the speed and degree of our recover. Our physical health today is a result of our thinking emotional health yesterday.

When we get a medical diagnosis this deeply imprints the negative on our subconscious. Studies show that when you tell a patient they have cancer, the disease progresses faster. Lance Armstrong made his remarkable recovery from terminal cancer because he never believed he would die. He always knew he would beat the disease. Denial can even be healthier mentally, as long as you get treatment and care for your body. It is helpful to rename our diagnosis. I continue to recover with, “Regenerative Disc Ease.” People often say, “my allergies," as if you own them. If you find it absolutely necessary to speak of them, say “those allergies,” then think, “Cancel that’” and put the picture of clear breathing on top of that. Think or speak of our diagnosis or problems an little as possible, imprint the positive.

For people who talk of their problems or health all the time, looking inside and identifying how our illnesses and problems serve us, is helpful. Does it give us something to talk about, give us an excuse for not working, get us sympathy, a distraction from our fears, a reason for not stepping into our true power, or has it become our identity and there would be a big hollow place inside without it? What deeper issues or fears are being avoided? With BEST we treat these deeper issues, even if you are not conscious of them, but making a conscious choice for health is the most powerful.
Positive Feelings that are Negative

Positive feelings often get associated with negative experiences. The subconscious doesn't think, judge or reason, but it makes associations. For example, as a child you drew the most exquisite artwork of your life. When you showed it to your mother, instead of giving you praise and admiration, she spanked you for drawing on the dinning room wall. Your energy became blocked, and your subconscious came to the conclusion that ‘creative' was bad. As a result, you either avoided creative experiences, your subconscious thinking they were unsafe, “I know what happens when I get creative, something bad happens.” Or when you persevered your energy blocked, and creative experiences were unsuccessful or more negative creative experiences seem to get drawn to you as a result of this blocked energy and negative subconscious beliefs. By healing the original incident, you break the cycle and heal your present situation as well as the past, allowing your energy to flow. This enables you to heal and your creativity to be fully expressed. .

Inherited Patterns

We inherit our ancestors’ pain and emotional patterns. It is easy to follow that if your great-grandmother had a traumatic event in her life that led her to worry, she would pass it on through her daughters, leaving you worrying despite your conscious attempts to stop. This is pattern is more than just learned behavior, we actually inherit the emotional pattern through epigenetics. There was a recent PBS documentary showing a baby mouse taken away from its mother for a week, starved, and returned it to its mother, It became so grossly obese it was barely able to walk even though it ate normal rations. For three generations the babies were also grossly obese, even if they raised with a different mother. This hard science demonstrates that we inherit our ancestor's pain. There is also a documented pattern that the second generation after a famine, the grandchild will develop diabetes at the same age that the grandparent was when they were starved. This shows that there is an age set-point that inherited patterns are activated. The scientists now understand these patterns were communicated through epigenetics; the proteins attached to genes which determine the gene’s expression. These proteins are affected by the environment of the cell, primarily through our thinking. Through BEST we identify and remove the inherited pain patterns that block our energy and eventually lead to disease, depression, or challenging life patterns. !

A client came to me with acute severe back pain in which she was barely able to stand for three days. She had never had trouble with her back before. She could not identify anything physically or emotionally stressful that had set it off. With one treatment her pain was gone for good and it was all inherited issues. She had reached an age which turned on the inherited stress set-point, triggering her pain. Body Spirit Peace eliminates the emotional reactivity of our ancestors from our body.

Your Body Heals in its Priority First

Your body treats your symptoms in order of priority. One of my teachers, Dr. Morter, founder of BEST, was treating a patient for knee pain. After 3 months he asked about her pain and she said that it had not improved a bit. He then asked why in the world she kept seeing him? She replied that she had had trouble sleeping because of coughing and shortness of breath and now she had been sleeping well and not been getting sick. Dr. Morter got a chest X-ray which was normal, however her old X-rays that he ordered revealed that her heart had been enlarged three times its normal size from Congestive Heart Failure. Once her heart condition resolved, her knee improved, it just wasn't in priority. The body may heal different problems at once or focus its energy on one. Many physiological changes happen with every treatment that aren't apparent on the outside. With Body Spirit Peace your body is in charge of your healing.