About Cia Shipman

Holistic Registered Nurse
Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner
(Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique)
Licensed Massage Technician
Touch for Health
Craniosacral Therapist
Laser Clinician
Reiki Level Three
Subtle Energy Clearing
Nutritional Kinesiologist
Intuitive Life Coach
Founder Peace Technique

As a RN for over 25 years, I have explored many facets of traditional and alternative health care. I have worked with patients in Hospice, assisted in the treatment of Adolescent Eating Disorders and Drug & Alcohol Rehab, worked in Emergency Medicine, Gerontology and Case Management for Home Health Care.
I was the Medical Officer on the tall ship, Star Pilot, sailing from Santa Barbara to New York for the tall ships’ parade in 1986.

I received my registered nursing degree from Santa Barbara City College in 1983, my “post-graduate” nursing with public health certification from Cal State Dominguez Hills in 1993, my reiki in 1998, and completed my BEST master training in 2007 after studying BEST for 3 years in seminars all over the United States. In 2009 I received my massage technician licensure after studying several healing modalities at S.B. Body Therapy Institute.

Through my own healing process, I explored acupuncture, traditional and network chiropractic, reiki, rolfing, hypnosis, EMDR, touch for health, along with various bodywork and counseling modalities. Although most were helpful, my life was transformed with BEST and the Peace Technique. After 12 years of severe disability where I was unable to stand to even go to the bathroom without support due to a degenerating disease and 20 years of unsuccessful treatment of depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) from childhood sexual abuse, I transformed my life with profound physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Now in the best physical health in my life, I ride my horse over mountaintops, filled with incredible joy that I never thought possible. Daily I am filled with a deep calm sense of gratitude, happiness, and purpose. I am spiritually connected to all that I do. I feel blessed to have helped so many with my practice. I have now devoted my life to my work.

Cia (I took the ynth out of Cynthia)