The Empower March

Neurological Reprogramming Exercise

Balance your body between treatments!

Ø      Improves muscular and neurological balance
Ø      Improves range of motion and joint symmetry
Ø      Improves coordination and stamina
Ø      Improves athletic performance
Ø      Improves attention and concentration
Ø      Stretches, strengthens, and balances muscles
Ø      Imprint affirmations into your subconscious
Ø      Reduces stress by resetting your brain to present time consciousness


  1. Stand with feet 4 to 6 inches apart.  For more stability spread your feet a foot apart and stand next to a wall for balance.
  2. Step forward with your right foot, keeping your left foot flat, with both feet pointing forward.  Bend your right or forward knee in a lunge so you can’t see your toes on your forward foot when you are looking down.
  3. Stretch your left arm up to 45 degrees; the opposite arm up than leg forward.
  4. Stretch your right arm down and back 45 degrees.
  5. Turn your head toward your raised arm and tilt your head back.
  6. Pull your tummy in, tighten your buttock, and STRETCH.
  7. Close your eyes, hold your breath:  (For a more advanced version, close the eye on the side of the down stretched arm).
  8. Repeat an affirmation or positive thought that you want to imprint into your body.
  9. Exhale, turn the other way, pivoting on your feet, and reverse the process with the left foot forward and right arm up.
  10. Repeat 4 times each way twice a day or more if stressed.

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