Are You Searching for a Miracle?

    • Do you have pain?
    • Do you suffer with a serious illness?
    • Are you anxious or depressed?   
    • Are you living a life of quiet desperation?
    • Or do you just want the joy, success, and abundance  that seem beyond your reach?
    • Have you been to therapy for years with little improvement?
    • Have you tried everything?
    • Are you frustrated with traditional and even alternative medicine?
    • You do not have to live in pain, stress, or poor health any longer.                                     
    • You have found your answers with Cia.
      I combine many healing techniques to heal all aspects of your physical body, your conscious and subconscious mind, and your body's energy system to profoundly change your life. With the Peace Technique, I will also teach you how to easily clear yourself of negative energy which frequently presents as anxiety, depression, anger, and negative thoughts. I teach you to build strong energetic boundaries so you are no longer affected by the negative energy of others.

      Unlock the patterns in our subconscious
      that block our healing.

      BEST, Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique, is a powerful mind-body healing system that balances our body’s energy and nervous system, through gently clearing our subconscious which interferes with our body’s natural ability to heal, resist pain and disease, deal with emotional stress or trauma, and find joy and success. Through BEST I quickly and painlessly treat your current and past life traumas, as well as your ancestral epigenetic patterns that are continuing to affect your life.

       Expect amazing improvements to your health!

      Your “luck” will change.
      Good things will come to you.
      Change your unconscious thinking, 
      Change your life.

      Miracles happen every day with Cia!

      Great results with distance or in person sessions.